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It has been a VERY long time since my last post but allow me to let you inside my head for a bit…

At the beginning of the year I decided that I would only pay for clothing that fit the following criteria:

  1. The item was a classic/timeless piece or
  2. It was something that I personally designed and
  3. It’s something that was tailor-made to fit me and
  4. Aim for quality over quantity

So in essence that meant that I really had to put a lot of thought into my purchases – no more adding items to cart just because!

Which brings me to this Timeless Trench Coat from the fabulous Fablane Online  – purchased at a ridiculously affordable price – absolute value for money because the quality is fantastic!

Trench Coat – Fablane Online | Leather-Look Leggings – China Mall | Tank Top – PnP Clothing| Heels – MrP | Sunnies – Cotton On

I love that it’s light-weight which is perfect for mid-season weather as well as layering for the colder days approaching . I went with an all black outfit to put emphasis on the coat and I think it worked well!

Thank you Michelle @ FabLane Online – you NEVER disappoint!

Stay tuned for more classic and unique items I’ve added to my wardrobe in the last few months…and stay sassy now!

Lu xxx



Sleeveless Coat 

Hey Gorgeous Peeps! 

Firstly, let me say that South-African weather is totally bipolar. Yesterday was extremely cold and wet and today, albeit a little windy, the sun’s shining and the weather’s fine – as if yesterday never happened at all! 

I might have been more than a little excited when the weather turned cold and rainy yesterday, just so I could pull out this sleeveless Melton coat I purchased from Fablane Online – ha ha! 

Thank you Michelle at Fablane Online – your service and the quality of your goods are superb – totally worth every cent! 

Ladies, head on over to her Instagram profile here and check out all the trendy items she stocks! 




Sleeveless Coat – Fablane Online | Jeans & Sunnies – MrP | Long Sleeve Tee – PnP Clothing | Shoes – Legit | Bag – Truworths 

Quote of the Day:  

1 year older 

And a whole weekend of celebrations!

On Saturday I hosted a party to celebrate mine and hubby’s birthdays – mine was yesterday – yay me!!! and hubby’s is tomorrow – yay Bae!!! (Rhyming skills again – LOL).

The theme was “Gender Bender” – All my ladies came dressed as lads and guys came as girls and boy, was it fun!!!


 The guys really pulled out all the stops for this one and it was worth all the laughs! For once the ladies didn’t have to worry about hair and makeup and partying all night in ridiculously, high heels. Some of the guys actually have newfound respect for us ladies and all we go through to look our best – which brings me to my next point.

I’ve noticed a lot of woman 2 woman hate on social media. Girls dissing other girls for just about anything – she’s so skinny, she’s so fat, look what she’s wearing, look at her hair etc etc etc…like, what’s up with that?

Can we not admire another’s beauty without questioning our own? I honestly don’t know what I would do without the support of the women in my life and that includes people I’ve never met personally but gotten to know through social media. There are countless times when I was feeling some sort of way and I’d log onto Instagram or other and a post will just speak so much life into me. So why then do we choose to use our power and influence to bring our fellow sisters down? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

So, from tomorrow I’ll be posting a #woman2womanwednesday (It’s similar to the #WCW except that it’s exclusive to women – sorry guys!!!) I’ll be using this # every week to salute a woman of my choice – family/friend/follower  – anyone who I feel has inspired me at some point – because let’s be real – sometimes we just gotta hear the good stuff LOL!

So, ladies, please don’t be alarmed if I steal a pic and post some corny stuff about you hahahaha!


Jeans & Top – Mr Price I Sandals – Fashion Express I Sunnies – Cotton On I Beads – RogeroStyle I Lips – LA Girl Matte Lip in Stunner.

Quote of the Day: 

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years. – Audrey Hepburn

Stay Sassy xxx


The Shift Tunic 

I must admit, I was a little reluctant to try a shift tunic. I just assumed that it wouldn’t be flattering since its not structured, but I am quite feeling this navy blue one I picked up from Ackermans. Paired with these old faithful, floral pants and we have a winner!

I’m finding that the more confident I feel about myself, the more open I am to trying different trends. I’m loving the 70’s look, which is very popular at the moment, I’ll have to play a little dress up first and see if I can pull it off.

Shift tunic & shoes:::Ackermans


Earrings & bag:::MrP

Beads:::Mrs Rogéro

Fun Fashion Fact:


Thanks for stopping by & stay cute xxx


A Few of my Favourite things…

As a plus size girl, it’s rare to find something that fits absolutely perfect. Skinnies are almost always too wide at the ankle. Blazers too wide at the forearms. Tops that are wide enough to fit my hips and tummy will often be too big around the boobs. The top I’m wearing now is one of those. I sized down so it would fit the chest area even though it’s a little snug around the hips, it’s easily concealed when tucked in like this. I couldn’t pass it up because of a minor fit problem. Forgive me for the creases in my top – I’ve been sitting at my desk!

I live in these joggers. They are seriously my fave. Also, light-weight but the reason I really live in them is because unlike the top, these pants are one of those rare items that just fit! They are super comfy and just make me feel really confident when I’m wearing them (which is always my main objective when getting dressed).

Cute, pointy flats are my thing – but cute, pointy, metallic flats…they’re my thang!!!! Hahaha! Bonus: they’re very comfy too!

The beads I’m wearing I just purchased from the stunning, Mrs Rogéro, and she’s got a variety of colours (pictured below). I can already tell they’re going to be my go-to accessory this season!

I’m loving the LA Girl flat finish pigment gloss in Dreamy. A lip colour that really stays put is always a bonus for me. They’ve got a range of awesome colours – that I’d love to have…soon!

Top & earrings:::MrP

Joggers:::PEP Stores

Pumps & Sunnies:::Cotton On

Beads:::Mrs Rogéro.

And those are a few of my Favourite things 😊

Fun Fashion Fact: 




“Sneakers came to us thanks to Keds, the first company to create this type of shoe, in 1917. Converse produced their first pair of sneakers later that year.”

Thanks for stopping by and stay cute xxx


Orange you glad I’m back?


I have been extremely busy ‘cleaning out my closet’ – Literally! And let me just confess that I am indeed a (recovering) hoarder -Eeeeek!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was planning a DECLUTTER – and that’s exactly what I did (yay me)! I – was – merciless! I threw out years and years of stuff. I mean, I had birthdays cards from my 2nd birthday – yes – 31 yr old birthday cards from people I don’t  even know! Why in the world was I holding onto that?!?!?

My home feels brand new, it’s amazing! The husband walked in from work on Friday and asked if we’re moving house – ha ha! There’s so much space – I can see what he meant!

The Spring-clean has done wonders for our home and my sanity as well. I feel more in control AND – it’s changed my mindset. I only kept things that we absolutley need and love. Everything else was either dumped or donated. It was kind of bitter-sweet because I realized how much money was being thrown out but on the upside, I feel like I’ll make wiser choices in future when purchasing things – be it clothing or things for the home.

So tomorrow is officicially the 1st day of Spring here in South-Africa!!!!!

It’s such a wonderful time,  everyone has a ‘Spring’ in their step! People come out of hibernation and straight to working on those much needed tans. Spring is synonymous for braai’s and pool parties, picnics and camping (my husband’s favourite thing) and for me – hayfever! But I never let that keep me from enjoying this beautiful season.

I’m wearing the perfect dress to welcome Spring. It’s light and the high-low hem shows just enough leg. I love the fit as it hugs my curves in all the right places and the colour is very spring!











Style Breakdown:

Dress, earrings & bangles – Truworths

Shoes – Makro_SA

Bag – Mr P

Aviators – China Town

Lips – LA Girls matte lip colour in Instinct

Hair – My signature bun (because I’m transitioning and my hair is just frustrating lol!)

Stay Cute xxx


(Lu is the nickname my mama gave me when I was little)