Argan Oil Review 

Hello, from a not-so-sunny South Arica!

My first blog post for 2017 and it’s a review so let’s get right to it!

I was sent a couple of bottles of this Siri Uzuri Argan Oil a few months back by a fellow blogger, check out her blog here

I decided to put the product through a thorough test as hair and skin products often need adequate time to gauge true results. 
I started using the product on my hair first since my hair is quite dry and damaged due to regular use of heating tools. My first application didn’t turn out well though, my hair was greasy and heavy and I realized I might have applied a tad too much – no surprise there – moderation was never a friend of mine.

I started using the oil more sparingly and the results were much better. It sealed my ends nicely after straightening and gave my hair a lovely shine. I have to say, I’m not very fond of the natural smell though, I prefer products that leave a nice scent on my hair since hair irons also add an awful smell to hair. 

The best result I got from the oil is when I decided to apply the oil to my husband’s problematic skin. He suffers with eczema and very dry, itchy skin so I applied the oil to the affected areas and I was amazed at the result. In fact, I think the oil worked better for his skin than my hair. It left his skin moisturized and soft without causing further irritation. Needless to say, both bottles ended up in his cupboard. 

Thank you to Meea Parkins at MamaMeea for giving me the opportunity to review this great product! 

Thanks for stopping by & stay sassy now! 

Lu xxx 

Hello, New Year You!

It feels good to be back!!!! 

I love that New Year feel, don’t you?!?!? 

I think with each passing year I become more aware of everything. I feel more. I make a conscious effort to do more. To laugh more. Even cry more…more happy tears though! In fact, I cried a few happy tears just this morning. My daughter started “big school” so yes, Mommy’s a little fragile today.

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Starting this blog in 2015 was the best thing I could’ve done for my personal growth. It’s helped me in ways I would never have imagined. Yes, it’s helped me to wander out of my comfort zone but besides that, it’s the one thing I can say is mine. 

That sounds a little selfish, I know, but it’s just so true. It’s something I look forward to and often after posting, I get to see inside my own head haha! (I’m weird, I know lol.) It’s goes so much deeper than an #ootd. 

I’m looking forward to 2016 and even more personal growth.

 Dress & Sunnies: MrP | Sandals: Ackermans | Bag: Executive Luggage |  Watch : Fossil 

“People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed. Never throw anyone out. ” – Audrey Hepburn 

Stay Sassy xxx


Orange you glad I’m back?


I have been extremely busy ‘cleaning out my closet’ – Literally! And let me just confess that I am indeed a (recovering) hoarder -Eeeeek!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was planning a DECLUTTER – and that’s exactly what I did (yay me)! I – was – merciless! I threw out years and years of stuff. I mean, I had birthdays cards from my 2nd birthday – yes – 31 yr old birthday cards from people I don’t  even know! Why in the world was I holding onto that?!?!?

My home feels brand new, it’s amazing! The husband walked in from work on Friday and asked if we’re moving house – ha ha! There’s so much space – I can see what he meant!

The Spring-clean has done wonders for our home and my sanity as well. I feel more in control AND – it’s changed my mindset. I only kept things that we absolutley need and love. Everything else was either dumped or donated. It was kind of bitter-sweet because I realized how much money was being thrown out but on the upside, I feel like I’ll make wiser choices in future when purchasing things – be it clothing or things for the home.

So tomorrow is officicially the 1st day of Spring here in South-Africa!!!!!

It’s such a wonderful time,  everyone has a ‘Spring’ in their step! People come out of hibernation and straight to working on those much needed tans. Spring is synonymous for braai’s and pool parties, picnics and camping (my husband’s favourite thing) and for me – hayfever! But I never let that keep me from enjoying this beautiful season.

I’m wearing the perfect dress to welcome Spring. It’s light and the high-low hem shows just enough leg. I love the fit as it hugs my curves in all the right places and the colour is very spring!











Style Breakdown:

Dress, earrings & bangles – Truworths

Shoes – Makro_SA

Bag – Mr P

Aviators – China Town

Lips – LA Girls matte lip colour in Instinct

Hair – My signature bun (because I’m transitioning and my hair is just frustrating lol!)

Stay Cute xxx


(Lu is the nickname my mama gave me when I was little)

Utter Clutter 

I was reading fellow blogger, Kerry Heathfield‘s post Days Of Decluttering and O-M-G!!!

I feel like Kerry is my best friend (I’ve never even met her), and she just spilled my deepest, darkest secrets (the kind that you only tell to your bestest, bestest friend in the whole wide world) to the whole wide world!!!!!! I feel betrayed and encouraged all at once – I’m weird, I know!

On a serious note though- that post spoke to me. Just the other day I was telling the husband how cluttered our home is and how I really need to get my behind behind it!

My mother, who is currently living with us, dies a-thousand-deaths-a-day (Mom’s got OCD tendencies – sorry MA) because she can’t stand the clutter!

I normally do a big clean up and declutter every now and again but it currently just seems like there’s so much junk that needs to be thrown out immediately! 

I swear if I see another Happy Meal Toy I will lose it!

I’m generally quite ruthless when it comes to big clean ups but since trying to live THE FRUGAL LIFE, I think I’ve let my guard down a little too far. In the past I would get rid of things that probably could’ve still been put to use. I remember once I gave away my daughter’s doll prams ( I mean why does a four year old’s doll need four prams?) well, she was VERY upset for a VERY long time because I kept the one I thought she liked the most and gave away the one she loved (not a good move). 

I wouldn’t say we hoard things, our home is just full of things that we don’t need ( ha ha – am I in denial here LOL!)

So, on the road to recovery, I bought the book Kerry recommended in her post, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (any excuse to buy a new book) and I’ve put in some leave for the coming week to tackle the clutter.

Thank you Kerry for inspiring me to get my decluttering done. I will let you know how it goes and look forward to that refreshing feeling! 


Until then, Stay Beautiful 💋

Shalom xoxo 



When it comes to clothing, I like to choose items that are transitional and versatile. So it might seem like I own closets and closets full of clothing but I really don’t! I’m  sure you’ve noticed me wearing a few items more than once in my posts. I’m not one to buy into every single trend that pops up. Not that’s it’s necessarily a bad thing – to follow trends – I just don’t follow ALL of them! 

This red knit I’m wearing, is one of those versatile items. I posted a “summer” look with this very same knit – well technically it was what we would call “Autumn” but it was quite warm then. 

Today I layered it over a plaid shirt and a pair of leggings. I originally wore an old black pencil pants but had to change into these leggings when those pants decided to split right in the centre of my derrière ( you served me well dear friend). 

I took advantage of the warmer weather – although I am sporting my old, faithful “spencer” underneath the shirt – and decided to wear these cute pointy pumps from MrP (I have a thing for pointy flats!)

Truthfully, I’ve only recently become comfortable with wearing leggings sans the extra long, oversized top but I’ve grown – hallelujah! 

  My hair’s been in this bun forever and a day  I’m just lazy to get it done ( hides face). 

MrP shirt , Pumps & earrings. Truworths leggings & knit.  China Town sunnies. 


Be Beautiful 💋

Who, what and why! 

 Hello World…

I spoke at a friend’s event this past weekend and many of the women there suggested I do a post on “My Story” which actually ties in perfectly with my first task on “blogging101” – a basic online course into the world of Blogging.

So this post is more of an introductory post on who I am and why I’m here…

My name is Lauren. I’m a thirty-something wife and mother and I’m a “FAT” chic!

I’ve been a “fat chic” most of my life and lived with self-hatred because of it. I measured my worth by the number on the scale, every time it increased, so did the self-hate. In 2005 I went for weight-loss surgery and in the year following my op I went from 120 kgs to 70 kgs (265 pounds to 155 pounds). I was finally “skinny”, I was finally “normal” (by my standards) but I was SICK!!!

I was told that my weight-loss would stall when I was at an ‘ideal’ weight but that never happened. I kept losing weight and eventually got down to 40kgs (88 pounds). I ended up in ICU a few times, had my gall bladder removed and in 2007 went paralyzed. Tests revealed that my electrolytes were severely depleted and I was at risk of going into cardiac arrest. This caused all my muscles in my body to spasm, similar to seizures.

I couldn’t walk or talk and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.

Doctors recommended I have the operation reversed as soon as possible because I was dying but at the same time, no doctor was willing to do the reversal because they were afraid that my body wouldn’t make it through surgery – none of them were willing to take that risk. I was forced to go back to the doctor who did the initial op.

I remember, the night before the reversal was scheduled, I sat in my car, and cried. Not because I was afraid of dying, NO, but because I was afraid that I’d gain weight again! I was THAT obsessed with being skinny!?!?!?!

I had the reversal done but recovery was tough, I was weak and there were some complications but through God’s grace I recovered.

Needless to say, I gained back most of the weight I had lost. My body had been severely starved for five years and was holding onto everything I put into it. Soon I was right back where I started. Fat and depressed.

The turning point…

One day, while chatting to my husband about seeing a dietitian to help me lose weight, my daughter overheard our conversation and went into a panic. She begged me not to lose weight and it was then that I learned that she associated me being skinny with hospitals and constantly being sick. That’s when something shifted. I realized the damage I was causing and I was forced to do some introspection, for my daughters sake as well as mine.

I’m learning to accept and love my body for what it is rather than focusing on everything it’s not and constantly wishing it were different. I’m getting to know myself on such a level that I’m often surprised at my own strengths and abilities. And most of all I’m taking better care of my body since I’m not spending all my time hating it.

I started this blog to help women like myself. To inspire them to find their beauty within. To own who they are and do so with confidence because you’re going to be inside this skin your whole life, might as well love it and use it the best way you can. I’ve learned that it’s impossible to take care of your body when you’re hating on it. I have gone from fat to thin and every size in between but I’ve never been more comfortable in my own skin than I am right now. “Beauty and style has no size!” – I live by these words and I believe them to be true. It’s just a matter of changing the way you see things.

Another aim for this blog is hopefully to get retailers and designers to pay attention to the plus size community and realize that we love to be stylish too. It’s so hard to find stylish plus size clothing in South-Africa.

So that’s who I am and that’s why I’m here. I hope my story helps you to change the way you look at yourself.

Thanks for stopping by and stay beautiful xxx

So Random…

Random facts about me…

  1. I LOVE God – He saved my life – for REAL though!
  2. I am the youngest of six children AND the only girl – so I’m a bit of a tomboy!
  3. My mom is my hero – my dad died a few months before I was born so she raised my siblings and I alone! Now THAT is courage!
  4. I’m married to my best friend – we’ve been an item for sixteen years and married for nine – he’s loved me through thick and thin – literally! We also share three beautiful children!
  5. All of my children’s names start with the letter A – I had a very thick baby name book – it was tiring just looking at it so I stopped at “A” ( I ain’t even gon’ lie!) LOL!
  6. I work for our family business so my dress style is very laid back- which I love!
  7. I have a gold tooth – my tooth broke in my teens and I kept filling it and it kept breaking so I had a gold tooth put in!
  8. I have two tattoos – the first was my star sign – Scorpion – and the other was just boredom – it’s a bird!
  9. I’ve been on a natural hair journey for about a year now – can someone say nappy!?!?!
  10. I’ve always been a big girl – then in 2005 I had weight-loss surgery and almost died – had it reversed and gained all the weight back and my health too!!!
  11. I’m learning to love the skin I’m in –  I’ve spent far too many years hating my body and treating it badly – ain’t nobody got time for that!
  12. I LOVE to laugh – and loud…anyone who knows me, knows I do it A LOT and often snort while laughing!
  13. I was blessed with very thick, unruly eyebrows, and hated them so much when I was growing up that I used to stick them down with paper glue – I know – WEIRD!!!! But I’ve grown – and I now thread and trim them every other week.
  14. Here in South-Africa I’m classed as a “Coloured” by race.
  16. Flats over heels any day!
  17. I started this blog to inspire women just like me, to love themselves – flaws and all!!!!!


“I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectations no no, I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am a soul that lives within” India Arie 

Thanks for stopping by and stay Beautiful 💋





Coat, kicks + pigtails 

It’s winter y’all!!!!

And I’m so grateful to be alive! 

I was listening to a very touching story this morning, of a boy who has had such a tough life from the moment he was born. And the first thing I thought is how quick I am to complain about trivial things like the size of my thighs, or the jigglyness of my tummy, the cellulite on my butt etc. and yet, there are people who’ve never been able to enjoy watching the leaves fall from the trees in Autumn. There are people who’ve never been able to enjoy the sound of a thunderstorm while falling asleep. 

This boy has a bucket list, and the simplicity of it just broke my heart. 

Forgive me Lord for forgetting, at times, how lucky I am. To be alive and healthy, to have peace of mind, to have a healthy family, to be able to enjoy simple things together. May I always be mindful of life’s simple pleasures. 

Truworths leggings & top. Always New coat. Ackermans beanie. Nike shoes. MrP scarf. 

Be Beautiful 💋