I love Hues 


Finally, Spring is upon us!

Yeah, we thought that about a week ago, but then Mother Nature was like, “nah just kidding, it’s still cold!”

Well it’s certainly resembling Spring time now.

I love the print and the hues of this dress. I’ve paired it with a textured blazer since it’s still a wee bit nippy especially in the early mornings.


My hair is so frustrating right now! Let me tell you, transitioning to natural hair IS NOT for the faint hearted! Shoooweee! It takes oodles of patience – which I’m running out of fast! I think I did my hair 9 times this morning?!? I’m so sick of this bun life (apologies to my natural sisters) I know, I know, it’s a protective style and all and there are tons of styles I could try out, I’m just lacking inspiration at this point. I’m a newbie – don’t judge!

image image image image image image image image image image

Style Breakdown:

Dress, blazer, shoes, bag, sunnies – Mr P

Earrings – Truworths


Here’s another Fun Fashion Fact:

“All women should be thanking Mary Phelps, a New York socialite, for creating the modern bra. The ones she made and patented in 1914 were very unlike the ones we wear today, though. Hers were made of handkerchiefs.” 

 Thanks Mary – the ‘girls’ appreciate your invention 😊

Stay Cute xxx


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