A Few of my Favourite things…

As a plus size girl, it’s rare to find something that fits absolutely perfect. Skinnies are almost always too wide at the ankle. Blazers too wide at the forearms. Tops that are wide enough to fit my hips and tummy will often be too big around the boobs. The top I’m wearing now is one of those. I sized down so it would fit the chest area even though it’s a little snug around the hips, it’s easily concealed when tucked in like this. I couldn’t pass it up because of a minor fit problem. Forgive me for the creases in my top – I’ve been sitting at my desk!

I live in these joggers. They are seriously my fave. Also, light-weight but the reason I really live in them is because unlike the top, these pants are one of those rare items that just fit! They are super comfy and just make me feel really confident when I’m wearing them (which is always my main objective when getting dressed).

Cute, pointy flats are my thing – but cute, pointy, metallic flats…they’re my thang!!!! Hahaha! Bonus: they’re very comfy too!

The beads I’m wearing I just purchased from the stunning, Mrs Rogéro, and she’s got a variety of colours (pictured below). I can already tell they’re going to be my go-to accessory this season!

I’m loving the LA Girl flat finish pigment gloss in Dreamy. A lip colour that really stays put is always a bonus for me. They’ve got a range of awesome colours – that I’d love to have…soon!

Top & earrings:::MrP

Joggers:::PEP Stores

Pumps & Sunnies:::Cotton On

Beads:::Mrs Rogéro.

And those are a few of my Favourite things 😊

Fun Fashion Fact: 




“Sneakers came to us thanks to Keds, the first company to create this type of shoe, in 1917. Converse produced their first pair of sneakers later that year.”

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Fat Girl

Once upon a time, in a beautiful country called South-Africa, lived a fat girl. Fat girl hated everything about her fat-self and when summer came around, fat girl hated her fat-self even more. Poor fat girl felt too ashamed to bare her fat thighs and flabby arms so even when temperatures  were soaring,poor fat girl always covered up with cardigans, jackets and the likes. 
Poor fat girl put her fat-self through so much during the summer months from applying deodorant to her entire body  surface area to covering herself in cornstarch powder, to drenching herself in apple cider vinegar, and many other remedies she learned about, all because fat girl was wearing too many things to disguise her fat extremities which caused excessive sweating (eeeew!).

One day while fat girl was getting ready to start her anti-sweat-routine, she had an epiphany! She decided to give the sleeveless, knee-length dress a try without the usual outerwear and from that day on fat girl wore anything she damn well pleased. She discarded the anti-sweat routine and lived happily ever after!


The End

Dress: Ackermans

Shoes, bangles, earrings & bag: MrP

Belt & Sunnies: China Town

Son: God 😊

Fun Fashion Fact:

“The first official Fashion Week started in 1943 in New York. Its main purpose was to distract the attention away from French fashion during World War II and kickstart the way for American designers.”

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Proud Moments


This past Friday, my husband and I had the priviledge of attending my oldest daughter’s Drum Majorette Awards Ceremony. I previously mentioned here that they’d won the President League South-African Championship and this was the formal ceremony to celebrate their victory as well as announce the new leader, sub-leaders and duals for the 2016 squad.

For those unfamiliar with the sport you can learn more about it here and here.

Back to the celebrations…

It was a beautiful evening and fun was had by all. Our girls looked amazing all dolled up in pretty dresses and heels (which was right up my 11yr olds alley) but seeing the pride on the girls’ faces as they received their awards is what really gave me the feels. The long hours, the tears, the sore feet, it all paid off, they truly are our champions!

The height of my evening is when my daughter  was chosen as a sub-leader for 2016. I am the proudest parent alive! Anyone who knows us knows that this is a big deal for Amber. This sport has brought about so many positive changes in my Amber. Although she’s still quite shy (around others), her confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. She no longer suffers from anxiety and depression, she shows more self-discipline and she has such a passion for the sport that it often brings tears to my eyes.

So, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to her trainers for believing in her when she couldn’t believe in herself (even though I always did), for always pushing her to do more and be more, for seeing her through my eyes. Thank you, you’ve helped to mould this young lady I call my daughter!

Congratulations to the Grace Trinity Drum Majorettes and trainers for an outstanding achievment!

A few of the Drummie Moms and I
The head trainer having a dance with his squad
The “Fun” awards
Maces for the New Sub-leaders
The Trophies
Table Decor
The husband, Amber and I
Squad 2015
My daughter, Amber
Waiting for the announcement of the new leaders!
Drummie Dads
receiving her trophy
With her new mace – sub-leader 2016
Table Seating
Squad 2015
Squad 2015
Squad 2015
Squad 2015
Receiving my “fun” award LOL
And…my OOTN

My Outfit breakdown:

Top, Skirt, Shoes & bag – MrP

Earrings – Truworths

Gold plate belt – Miss Boss Couture

Fun Fashion Fact:

“The word ‘jeans’ comes from the cotton pants worn by “Genes,” the local term for Genoan sailors.”

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The Printed Shirt Dress

I love a light maxi/shirt dress! It’s just so easy -pull off the hanger, slip it over your head and you’re outta the door!

So when I saw this printed shirt dress I just knew it wouldn’t let me down, especially since prints are trending at the moment.

It’s very light weight, so even though it’s got long sleeves ( which I’ve folded) it’s perfect for the summer.

I would’ve loved a neckpiece in a contrasting color but I don’t have one – next on my wish list! (Hint hint husband 😊)


 Style breakdown:

Dress – Mastik Couture via Rainbow @ Cresta 

Shoes, bag, earrings, neckpiece & sunnies – Mr P

Lips – LA Girls matte lip in Tulle

Hair – as always my signature high bun 😊

Fun Fashion Fact:

“Marc Jacobs, strange as it seems, is the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, a position he has had for 18 years. Bonus fact: He has tons of tattoos!”

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Let’s take it back to the beach


  This song has been on repeat today, and judging from what I’m wearing, you can tell what my current mood is. 

Sun, sand and sea! That’s what I long for. It’s all I think about lately. I need a break from the hustle and bustle that is Johannesburg. 

Maybe it’s because we’re in the last quarter of 2015, maybe it’s because Spring has sprung, maybe I just haven’t been on vacay in a while, whatever the reason, I need it and want it! 

Better start planning then…

“a little sand between your toes always takes away your woes.” 

 Peasant top – Gifted

Ripped jeans – DIY (I bought the jeans at MRP and ripped them myself haha)

Sandals & hat – MrP 

Earrings – Truworths 

Lips – LA Girls matte in Tulle 

Fun Fashion Fact:

“Cotton fabric was used for clothing for over 7,000 years. Just one bale of cotton could make 215 pairs of jeans.”

Stay Cute xxx


My Liebster Award Nomination


Wow – Thank you Carly from BeYoutiful for Nominating me for the Liebster Award!

This is my 1st nomination of this kind…so let’s get to it then 😊

Here are the rules for this award…

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog
  2. Answer the questions asked by the nominator
  3. Nominate 5 – 10 bloggers with under 500 followers
  4. Create 10 questions for the nominees to answer.

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

 I want to inspire women, especially plus size women like myself.

I want them to know that Style AND Beauty comes in ALL shapes AND sizes.

2. How would you describe your blogging style?

 I have a very close friend who always tells me that I’m an extremist, so I’d say my

blogging style is a true reflection of me – there are days when it’s extremely chilled and

laid back and then there are days where I dig deep – I like to keep it real!

   3. What are your pet peeves when it comes to fashion?

 Fashion for plus size women is VERY limited. I wish retailers would wake up –


4. Name one blogger whom you look up to and why?

 I do love Chastity Garner from GarnerStyle – she is always on point with her outfits

and she doesn’t let her size hinder her style.

5. What are you wearing today?

Today I’m wearing a very comfortable dress I picked up from Mastik Couture – it’s grey in colour. I’m also wearing a pair of gladiator sandals I picked up from MrP as well as gold hoop earrings and a gold necklace also from MrP.

6. Favourite Song?

Mmmmmm – remember that I am an extremist?!?! So…my music taste varies A LOT but the last song I downloaded on iTunes is Flashlight by Jessie J.

7. Favourite Movie?

Ok, this is quite difficult but I’d say Dirty Dancing – Dont judge hahaha!

8. Ideal holiday destination?

Sun, Sand, blue waters, clear skies – that kinda thing!

9. One word to describe yourself ?


10. Favourite time of the year?

I’m such a festive person – I love Chistmas – the carols playing everywhere you go, kids can’t contain their excitement, families and friends get together, there’s always an abundance of food and gifts – who doesn’t love gifts?!?!

Here are my questions for my nominees:

  1. What inspired you to start blogging?
  2. How did you come up with the name for your blog?
  3. Do you prefer high end stores or do you wear clothing from any store?
  4. How often do you shop for clothing?
  5. Do you have a set budget for clothing purchases?
  6. What is your ideal day out?
  7. Which part of your body do you love the most and why?
  8. How would you describe your fashion style?
  9. What/Who are you currently using to take pictures for your blog?
  10. If you had a clothing line what would you call it and why?

I nominate the following bloggers:

The Mrs Paulsen

Guess What Girls

Sisters and Stilettos

Lisa Bonafide

Through Shaded Eyes

Thank you once again BeYoutiful for the nomination and shoutout 💋

Fun Fashion Fact:

“Today it is common to see women and girls wear their hair short but decades ago, if a woman was spotted with short hair she was considered to be an unfaithful wife.”

Stay cute xxx


I love Hues 


Finally, Spring is upon us!

Yeah, we thought that about a week ago, but then Mother Nature was like, “nah just kidding, it’s still cold!”

Well it’s certainly resembling Spring time now.

I love the print and the hues of this dress. I’ve paired it with a textured blazer since it’s still a wee bit nippy especially in the early mornings.


My hair is so frustrating right now! Let me tell you, transitioning to natural hair IS NOT for the faint hearted! Shoooweee! It takes oodles of patience – which I’m running out of fast! I think I did my hair 9 times this morning?!? I’m so sick of this bun life (apologies to my natural sisters) I know, I know, it’s a protective style and all and there are tons of styles I could try out, I’m just lacking inspiration at this point. I’m a newbie – don’t judge!

image image image image image image image image image image

Style Breakdown:

Dress, blazer, shoes, bag, sunnies – Mr P

Earrings – Truworths


Here’s another Fun Fashion Fact:

“All women should be thanking Mary Phelps, a New York socialite, for creating the modern bra. The ones she made and patented in 1914 were very unlike the ones we wear today, though. Hers were made of handkerchiefs.” 

 Thanks Mary – the ‘girls’ appreciate your invention 😊

Stay Cute xxx


Little Lotta 

Little Lotta was a nickname given to me when I was a little girl by an older cousin.

About Little Lotta…

Little Lotta Plump was a fictional character published by Harvey Comics, the same publishers of the famous Richie Rich comics. In fact, Little Lotta appeared in many Richie Rich adventures.

Lotta Plump, has an obsession with (drum roll…) food! Her insatiable appetite (being her defining characteristic) however, doesn’t make her on obese slob, but rather, the more Lotta eats, the stronger she becomes, giving rise to superhuman strength. Lotta is depicted as friendly, kind-hearted and readily uses her tremendous strength to do good.

Lotta has a boyfriend, Gerald, who is the complete opposite (physically). Gerald is a tiny, shy, nerdy-type of guy. Together with Lotta, the twosome go on many adventures.

About Lauren as Little Lotta…

I can’t tell you how much I hated that nickname (little Lotta)  when I was growing up  (mind you I didn’t care much for the person who gave it to me either).

Obviously my cousin was referencing my weight when he gave me the name (because everyone knows that all fat people spend their days stuffing their faces with copious amounts food right?!?!)  For years that name gave rise to many negative emotions, especially when I knew I’d be seeing said cousin.

It wasn’t until recently that I actually learned more about Little Lotta’s character. Like the fact that she was friendly and kind-hearted. Or the fact that she used her strength to good in her community. The fact that she didn’t care how silly she and Gerald looked together. Or that people thought he was diminutive and weak. Lotta didn’t let her bullies get the better of her. No, she did what she deemed good regardless of anyone’s opinion.

So to you, my ‘dear’ cousin, thank you for the nickname. I own it now.

I am indeed friendly and kind-hearted. I am now using my strength to uplift and inspire many women, especially in the Plus Size community. I don’t care that my husband weighs half of what I do, and I certainly don’t care if people think we look odd together. I will no longer allow bullies, like yourself, to diminish me for looking different. I AM DIFFERENT DAMNIT! I will continue doing what I deem good – regardless of anyone’s opinion (even Nicole Arbour’s) AND I’ll do in style!

Me and my Gerald…  image image image image image image image image

Style Breakdown:

Cardigan – PEP Stores

Top – Truworths

Ripped Jeans, earrings, necklace & bag – Mr P

Shoes – Makro_SA

Sunnies – China Town

Lips – LA Girls Matte gloss in Tulle

Hair – you know my signature bun by now!

Here’s a Fun Fashion Fact:

Napoleon wasn’t just about war. He contributed to fashion in many ways too. The reason we have buttons on the sleeves of our jackets is because Napoleon got tired of his soldiers wiping their noses on their sleeves. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Stay Cute xxx