When it comes to clothing, I like to choose items that are transitional and versatile. So it might seem like I own closets and closets full of clothing but I really don’t! I’m  sure you’ve noticed me wearing a few items more than once in my posts. I’m not one to buy into every single trend that pops up. Not that’s it’s necessarily a bad thing – to follow trends – I just don’t follow ALL of them! 

This red knit I’m wearing, is one of those versatile items. I posted a “summer” look with this very same knit – well technically it was what we would call “Autumn” but it was quite warm then. 

Today I layered it over a plaid shirt and a pair of leggings. I originally wore an old black pencil pants but had to change into these leggings when those pants decided to split right in the centre of my derrière ( you served me well dear friend). 

I took advantage of the warmer weather – although I am sporting my old, faithful “spencer” underneath the shirt – and decided to wear these cute pointy pumps from MrP (I have a thing for pointy flats!)

Truthfully, I’ve only recently become comfortable with wearing leggings sans the extra long, oversized top but I’ve grown – hallelujah! 

  My hair’s been in this bun forever and a day  I’m just lazy to get it done ( hides face). 

MrP shirt , Pumps & earrings. Truworths leggings & knit.  China Town sunnies. 


Be Beautiful 💋

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