Who are You???

I’ve been second guessing myself a lot lately. Especially when it came to my body image. I would get dressed in the morning and take pics with the intention of blogging then look at the pics and delete them. I did this almost every day last week. And I had to stop and ask myself if the problem wasn’t actually with me. 

I had to do some digging. And this is what I came up with. 

  1. I gained a few kilos – I’d say about 5kgs, and it was playing with my mind. Even though my clothes still fit, I felt they didn’t look as good as before. See how I allowed that number on the scale to possess me? 

  2. I haven’t stayed true to me. When I started this blog a friend of mine sent me a text saying she didn’t really like the outfit I was wearing – she was giving me some constructive criticism- which I’m always happy to hear, but I realized then that this blog is among other things, about MY personal style as a FAT chic. There will be times when people won’t like what I’m wearing or how I put certain things together and that’s ok. The important thing is that I’m staying true to my personal style. We can’t please everyone ALL of the time! 

  3. I was comparing my style and blog to others. “Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt. We all know this and we’re all guilty of doing it. It just zaps the life right out of you without you even noticing it. 

So, after coming up with all of this, I had to reset myself mentally – yeah I actually do that regularly- It’s sort of like changing the filter on your coffee machine, I had to change the filter on my eyes. I promised myself to blog every time I take pics so here goes!!!!

Yesterday we spent the day at the JHB Zoo. It was family day and we were pleased to bump into my niece, her hubby and kids at the zoo. It made the day so much more fabulous. 

 Mr P top, white tank & leggings. PnP cardigan. Nike shoes. 

Never forget that No One can be more You than You!!!!

Be Beautiful 💋 

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