Well Hello There…

It’s been a very long time since I last blogged and how I’ve missed it! 

I’ve been in Bloemfontein with my daughter, their Drum Majorette Team made it to Nationals and (drum roll….) they won!!!!!!

Yes, they are the South African Presidents League Drum Majorette Champions!!!! Whoop whoop! I am such a proud Mom 😁

Anyway, that’s the reason for me being AWOL BUT I’m back and doing my thang!!!!

Today was thee worst day to wear a dress! I literally had to hold my dress down the entire time while taking these pics. I’m sure you can tell by my fly-away hair as well. Speaking of hair, I tried a little something different with my hair today. I usually just style it bone straight but today I added some volume and a few waves here and there and I actually like it! 

PS: never be afraid to try something new now and then. You might be pleasantly surprised! 

 Ackermans Dress, Truworths Denim Jacket, Jet Boots, MrP scarf. 

Be Beautiful 💋

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