Beauty Essentials 

I can do without many things as a woman.

I tend to think of myself as a low maintenance kinda gal. I mean, of course all women love fabulous things but compared to many of my girlfriends, I think I’m quite low key, especially when it comes to beauty products.

I don’t usually wear tons of makeup but I do have a few items that I absolutely love and never go without.

  1. Almay Smart Shade in medium. I love this foundation for many reasons 1) it’s a mousse so it’s quite light and my skin can breathe. 2) It stays completely matte throughout the day. 3) it’s called smart shade because the colour actually changes to match your own skin tone.  4) I usually breakout after using foundation but not with this one.

  2. EOS lip balm in raspberry. It’s the latest craze and I know why. Keeps my lips moisturized and soft especially now during winter.

  3. Avon Kohl eye liner in true black. I suffer with allergies and hay fever and regular eye liners aggravate my eyes causing them to itch really bad. This is the first eye liner that’s not too bad on my eyes. And I love that it’s kohl so it glides on easily.

  4. Essence Eyebrow Designer in dark brown. I am definitely a brow girl. I’m lucky to have thick, dark eyebrows but I like to give them definition with the brow pencil. I’ve tried powders and other brow pencils but this one seems to work best for me.

  5. Almay One Coat Triple Effect Mascara in black. This mascara is so waterproof I sometimes battle to get it off at night. It’s thick but not clumpy.

  6. My two fave lipsticks at the moment are, Avon Pink Holiday and Maybelline Super Stay in Red Rays. I love the colour and textures of both. The Maybelline never needs a reapplication and the Avon one is great for a more natural look for me.

Be Beautiful 💋

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