The struggle is real!

South-African shoe stores hardly cater for plus size women! 

It’s very rare that I find a boot that goes all the way up my calves.  Actually, I’ve heard in-betweenies complain about the same thing! 

I found this knee-length boot about 5yrs ago. The back is elastic and the front is leather. And, as it happens with elasticated items, the elastic loses its elasticity after a while so the boot doesn’t stay up. I’ve tried to have them repaired but most places refuse to do it for fear of messing it up. So I hardly ever wear them for that reason. 

PS: I wasn’t really feeling this outfit, it doesn’t say much about my personality. I believe one should stay true to your personal style and try to express who you are through it but my daughter asked if she could pick out my outfit today and I couldn’t say no!

PSS: Dear SA shoe stores, please cater more for bigger girls, pretty please! 

       Top: Infocus, Leggings & earrings: MRP, Duster Coat: Fashion World, Boots: Foschini 

 Be Beautiful 💋 

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