Beauty EssentialsΒ 

I can do without many things as a woman.

I tend to think of myself as a low maintenance kinda gal. I mean, of course all women love fabulous things but compared to many of my girlfriends, I think I’m quite low key, especially when it comes to beauty products.

I don’t usually wear tons of makeup but I do have a few items that I absolutely love and never go without.

  1. Almay Smart Shade in medium. I love this foundation for many reasons 1) it’s a mousse so it’s quite light and my skin can breathe. 2) It stays completely matte throughout the day. 3) it’s called smart shade because the colour actually changes to match your own skin tone. Β 4) I usually breakout after using foundation but not with this one.

  2. EOS lip balm in raspberry. It’s the latest craze and I know why. Keeps my lips moisturized and soft especially now during winter.

  3. Avon Kohl eye liner in true black. I suffer with allergies and hay fever and regular eye liners aggravate my eyes causing them to itch really bad. This is the first eye liner that’s not too bad on my eyes. And I love that it’s kohl so it glides on easily.

  4. Essence Eyebrow Designer in dark brown. I am definitely a brow girl. I’m lucky to have thick, dark eyebrows but I like to give them definition with the brow pencil. I’ve tried powders and other brow pencils but this one seems to work best for me.

  5. Almay One Coat Triple Effect Mascara in black. This mascara is so waterproof I sometimes battle to get it off at night. It’s thick but not clumpy.

  6. My two fave lipsticks at the moment are, Avon Pink Holiday and Maybelline Super Stay in Red Rays. I love the colour and textures of both. The Maybelline never needs a reapplication and the Avon one is great for a more natural look for me.

Be Beautiful πŸ’‹

Layers ‘n layers!

It is freezing in South-Africa!!!!

And I shamelessly piled on the layers this morning, I even feel like the Michelin man – ha ha! Everything x 2! 

Ok…maybe not everything! I doubt I’d ever need two pairs of undies – but you get the picture! 

I’m sure South-African winters are nothing compared to other parts of the world but this is quite cold for us or me at least! I’m a summer baby…do you blame me?


MrP jeans boots scarf earrings 

Fashion World Duster coat 

Dunns Clothing Cardigan 

Be Beautiful & Keep warm πŸ’‹

Love More Worry Less


Some sound advice but not always easy to do, especially towards ourselves! 

There’s so much going on at the moment that I’ve been racking my brain, trying to figure out how I’m going to get it all done! 

Family, home, mommy duties, work, extended family, friends…they all need/want a piece of me!!!! 

I was forced to just take a minute and pull myself towards myself. I cannot be the best wife, mom, friend, employee etc. if I don’t care about myself first. It took me many, many years to understand this but once I finally got it I realized there was more of me to share with everyone else. When I make it about me everyone else benefits. They then get the better parts of me, when I’m relaxed, content and focused.

It’s all about that balancing act. 

Take that “Time-out” and spend it whichever way you want, you’ll be better for it! 

You’re welcome πŸ˜‰


Truworths skirt

Mr P t-shirt, blazer, boots & earrings 

Clicks opaque stockings 
Be Beautiful πŸ’‹

Skinny Jeans for Skinny Genes?


Someone posted this on a social media site the other day and I immediately thought, “Oops!”

The thing is…I have skinny jeans but I don’t have skinny genes, the husband on the other hand, has skinny genes but doesn’t wear skinny jeans! How come nobody told us?!?!?!?

I, in fact, only own skinny jeans!  I like the way they fit and I like how I look in them. 

So, to you, dear friend …I’m sorry, the husband and I didn’t get that memo but I will be wearing my skinny jeans with pride!

PS: my son in the background doesn’t have skinny genes but he wears skinny jeans too 😊


Skinny pants: PnP Clothing, shirt, sweater, earrings: MRP, shoes: RageSA

“I am a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal  woman, that’s me.” Maya Angelou 

Be Beautiful πŸ’‹

The struggle is real!

South-African shoe stores hardly cater for plus size women! 

It’s very rare that I find a boot that goes all the way up my calves.  Actually, I’ve heard in-betweenies complain about the same thing! 

I found this knee-length boot about 5yrs ago. The back is elastic and the front is leather. And, as it happens with elasticated items, the elastic loses its elasticity after a while so the boot doesn’t stay up. I’ve tried to have them repaired but most places refuse to do it for fear of messing it up. So I hardly ever wear them for that reason. 

PS: I wasn’t really feeling this outfit, it doesn’t say much about my personality. I believe one should stay true to your personal style and try to express who you are through it but my daughter asked if she could pick out my outfit today and I couldn’t say no!

PSS: Dear SA shoe stores, please cater more for bigger girls, pretty please! 

       Top: Infocus, Leggings & earrings: MRP, Duster Coat: Fashion World, Boots: Foschini 

 Be Beautiful πŸ’‹ 

Back to School

My brother told me I look like a scholar today – clever brother! 

Most people I know wish they could turn back the clock and be that teen, school-going kid again. The carefree teen with no real responsibilities but getting good grades. The socialite who’s always out and about having fun. Well, not me! I don’t despise my teenage years but I don’t necessarily long to go back there. 

They were fun years yes, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve grown!

I’m so much more sure of myself. More confident and secure. I know what I want and I know what I have to do to get it. I know what I deserve and what I’m willing to accept from my relationships with others. 

I’ve lost a few “friends” and family as well, along the way, but I’m certain that they were only supposed to be there for a particular season in any case, and that’s ok – no love lost though! 

There is so much more growing and finding to be done and I’m looking forward to it 😊 


Shirt, boots, snood & earrings: MrP, leggings & cardigan: PnP Clothing, Retro Glasses: China Mall. 


Be Beautiful πŸ’‹


Casual & Cozy

It is cold out!!!! 

I was so tempted to just pull the covers over my head this morning. My son also hasn’t been well, hence the hiatus, so I’m operating on very little sleep, add to that the cold weather and it would’ve been a perfect “Benylin Day” as we call it here in SA. 

But, here I am. Up and at ’em!!! 

I pulled out this oversized, fluffy sweater because it makes me feel like I’m wrapped up in a cozy blanket. My goal was cozy, and I definitely feel it! 

PS: my hands are cold but… “C’est la vie!” Ha ha!


                  Sweater: Ackermans, Leggings: PnP Clothing, Boots & earrings: MrP, Sunnies: China Mall. 

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates  
Be Beautiful πŸ’‹

Coat CrushΒ 

It’s June and Winter is finally creeping in here in Southern-Africa. 

According to weather reports we have a few cold and wet, possibly snowy, days ahead starting tomorrow and what better way to embrace the cold than with a fab winter coat/jacket!!!

These are just a few I’m crushing on at the moment. 


  Colour Block Coat: MrP

  Gridlock Coat: MrP

  Abstract Print Coat: MrP

  Check Coat: MrP

  Fluffy Bomber: MrP

  Chubby Fur Coat: MrP

  White Military Coat: Truworths 

  Cobalt Coat: Truworths 

 Nude Trench: Truworths 

There you have it, my coat crushes for this season!!! 

Stay warm & Be Beautiful πŸ’‹