Celebrity Style Capture 


I captured this sporty chic look from French,Plus Size Blogger, Anaïs Penelope. You can check out her awesome fashion blog here anaispenelope.blogspot.com

I bought these grey joggers a while ago but had to send them to the tailor because they weren’t narrow enough at the ankle and didn’t have that jogger look. I have very narrow ankles so I find that skinny pants need to be made narrower from mid calf down to the ankle to give it that skinny look. 

As a plus size woman, I always buy according to fit rather than size and then have it tailored if it needs to be. 

Style Tip: Don’t be too concerned about size but rather the fit of a garment. There is nothing attractive about pants that are too tight, giving you that muffin top effect. 

Tank & Jogger: MrP, Waterfall Jacket: Truworths, Heels: Steve Madden.  

Be Beautiful 💋


2 thoughts on “Celebrity Style Capture 

  1. Hi beauty ! Thank you so much for your article, you look fab in this outfit !
    (I have no problem with the fact you are using my photo but can you please just link my blog as photos credits ? Thank you !).


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