The only constant thing is change. 

I am not a morning person and I am especially not a Monday Morning person. I only do what’s absolutely necessary on Monday mornings ie. Wake up, shower, grab the closest thing in my closet, drop kids at school, go to work, and all this while saying very little to anyone. The people closest to me joke that I’m only productive after 10am. 

So, I don’t normally feel like dressing up on Mondays. I hardly ever blog on Mondays either. But, today I challenged myself. I said, “self, today you will get outta your zone and do things you won’t normally do!” – I seriously said that to myself in the mirror this morning!

The reason? Well, I’m constantly trying to improve and better myself, inside and out. I’m trying to challenge myself and push my boundaries, to prove all those negative thoughts inside my head wrong! 

It’s a daily battle fighting those thoughts and I’m just trying to get stronger at fighting them, so today, I didn’t grab the closest thing in my closet.









 Pants: PnP Clothing, Shirt: MrP, Cardigan: PEP, Heels: RageShoes, Earrings: Truworths, Neckpiece: Dunns  

Be Beautiful 💋

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