I’m feeling Naughty!

For some reason this outfit makes me feel like I need spiked boots and a Harley! I’m not sure why though (hides-face). Maybe it’s the olive green top, it is one of my fave Winter colours. 

Mrs Rogero, a fellow fashion blogger, asked a question earlier, ” what is your least favourite body part?” 

Well, I don’t like to focus on my problem areas all that much, but let’s face it, everyone has atleast one right?!?!? 

For me it would be my tummy area. After three children and two cesarean sections it kinda just hangs about (hahaha!). I do have rather large upper arms as well but I can live with that most of the time. My tummy however, I’d prefer it if it were flatter and firmer. I should probably do some ab exercises to see if that helps. 

PS: I don’t know anyone who is entirely, 100% satisfied with the way they look, so don’t be so hard on your beautiful selves. We all have flaws, just work with what YOU have 😊 

         Top & chain MrP, leggings PnP Clothing, Jacket & earrings Truworths, Flats Makro, Bangle (Gift), Sunnies China Town. 


 Be Beautiful 💋

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