Flashback Friday🙈


I was reminded this week, with the tragic passing of someone I knew, how absolutely short life is! 

It got me thinking about how close I came to losing my own life back in 2007, as I mentioned on my ‘About’ page and it just makes me so grateful to be alive! 

Life is too short to be carrying around useless emotions. I’m not saying I don’t feel them, that’s unrealistic, but I’ve learnt to unpack the baggage and sort through them one at a time and dump what I don’t need. 

One of those emotions was my self-hatred towards my body. Yes, I do have “those” days, but I quickly remind myself how privileged I am to still be here, living, breathing, walking, experiencing life! 

I’ve gone from fat to extremely skinny, right back to fat and everything in between. But, I’ve never been more comfortable in my own skin than I am right now. And that had to come from inside! Something had to change inside me. Is it easy? Definitely not! But it’s so worth it. Every time I look at myself in a negative way, I picture my daughters looking at themselves in that same way and that stops those thoughts right there! I want my girls to have a positive image of themselves at all times. 

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” 

Be Beautiful 💋



 PS: my bother wanted to take a pic with me 😄

Skinny jeans: Dunns Clothing 

Tank: PnP clothing 

Top: Exact Clothing 

Earrings: MrP

Flats: Makro 

Sunnies: Fashion World 


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