Celebrity Style CaptureΒ 


I captured this sporty chic look from French,Plus Size Blogger, AnaΓ―s Penelope. You can check out her awesome fashion blog here anaispenelope.blogspot.com

I bought these grey joggers a while ago but had to send them to the tailor because they weren’t narrow enough at the ankle and didn’t have that jogger look. I have very narrow ankles so I find that skinny pants need to be made narrower from mid calf down to the ankle to give it that skinny look. 

As a plus size woman, I always buy according to fit rather than size and then have it tailored if it needs to be. 

Style Tip: Don’t be too concerned about size but rather the fit of a garment. There is nothing attractive about pants that are too tight, giving you that muffin top effect. 

Tank & Jogger: MrP, Waterfall Jacket: Truworths, Heels: Steve Madden.  

Be Beautiful πŸ’‹


Cobalt + Red…

Today we will be welcoming a brand new, baby boy into our big, fat, South-African family πŸ’™ 

And, I cannot contain my excitement!!! 

LOVE babies! New life!!! Blessings from above! A wise man once said that babies are proof that God still has faith in humanity and I do believe that to be true. 

So, in welcoming our lil baby boy, I’m wearing cobalt blue! 

I do love this dress. The Colour. The style. The fit. I just love everything about it! I purposely kept accessories to a minimal because sometimes less is more 😊



         Dress & earrings : Truworths, Heels: Steve Madden, Clutch: via BidorBuy, Sunnies: China Mall. 

Be Beautiful πŸ’‹

The only constant thing is change.Β 

I am not a morning person and I am especially not a Monday Morning person. I only do what’s absolutely necessary on Monday mornings ie. Wake up, shower, grab the closest thing in my closet, drop kids at school, go to work, and all this while saying very little to anyone. The people closest to me joke that I’m only productive after 10am. 

So, I don’t normally feel like dressing up on Mondays. I hardly ever blog on Mondays either. But, today I challenged myself. I said, “self, today you will get outta your zone and do things you won’t normally do!” – I seriously said that to myself in the mirror this morning!

The reason? Well, I’m constantly trying to improve and better myself, inside and out. I’m trying to challenge myself and push my boundaries, to prove all those negative thoughts inside my head wrong! 

It’s a daily battle fighting those thoughts and I’m just trying to get stronger at fighting them, so today, I didn’t grab the closest thing in my closet.









 Pants: PnP Clothing, Shirt: MrP, Cardigan: PEP, Heels: RageShoes, Earrings: Truworths, Neckpiece: Dunns  

Be Beautiful πŸ’‹

I’m feeling Naughty!

For some reason this outfit makes me feel like I need spiked boots and a Harley! I’m not sure why though (hides-face). Maybe it’s the olive green top, it is one of my fave Winter colours. 

Mrs Rogero, a fellow fashion blogger, asked a question earlier, ” what is your least favourite body part?” 

Well, I don’t like to focus on my problem areas all that much, but let’s face it, everyone has atleast one right?!?!? 

For me it would be my tummy area. After three children and two cesarean sections it kinda just hangs about (hahaha!). I do have rather large upper arms as well but I can live with that most of the time. My tummy however, I’d prefer it if it were flatter and firmer. I should probably do some ab exercises to see if that helps. 

PS: I don’t know anyone who is entirely, 100% satisfied with the way they look, so don’t be so hard on your beautiful selves. We all have flaws, just work with what YOU have 😊 

         Top & chain MrP, leggings PnP Clothing, Jacket & earrings Truworths, Flats Makro, Bangle (Gift), Sunnies China Town. 


 Be Beautiful πŸ’‹

Textures, colours and layers…

Work-wear Wednesday is all about textures, colour contrasting and layers. 

Operation de-clutter is in full swing at my home and once again, I found this purple knit pullover which is quite old but in very good condition. It’s amazing how many items you come across that you haven’t worn in ages, when you’re organizing your cupboard space. 

I’ve mixed up a few textures here, pleather leggings, sheer blouse, knit pullover and patent heels and incorporated some layering at the same time. I’m really liking this colour contrast as well. 

Because Work-wear does not have to be boring! 

Style Tip: if you’re not confident enough to play around with textures, colour contrasting and layering all in the same outfit then try doing one at a time! 


“Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone else pretends to love” Emma Watson 

Be Beautiful πŸ’‹

It is the colour of L❀️VE

Last Tuesday I was in red and this Tuesday I find myself in red again! 

Well, it is the colour of love and the world could do with more of that, right?!?!?!?

This is one of my “work-wear” outfits. It’s simple, comfy and classy, perfect for the office!

PS: you could swap the heels for cute flats if you’re not feeling the heels 😊 


Truworths Top, PnP clothing skinny pants, Steve Madden heels, BidorBuy clutch, Always New neckpiece, MrP earrings, China Mall sunnies. 

 “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny” – CS Lewis 
Be Beautiful πŸ’‹

Flashback FridayπŸ™ˆ


I was reminded this week, with the tragic passing of someone I knew, how absolutely short life is! 

It got me thinking about how close I came to losing my own life back in 2007, as I mentioned on my ‘About’ page and it just makes me so grateful to be alive! 

Life is too short to be carrying around useless emotions. I’m not saying I don’t feel them, that’s unrealistic, but I’ve learnt to unpack the baggage and sort through them one at a time and dump what I don’t need. 

One of those emotions was my self-hatred towards my body. Yes, I do have “those” days, but I quickly remind myself how privileged I am to still be here, living, breathing, walking, experiencing life! 

I’ve gone from fat to extremely skinny, right back to fat and everything in between. But, I’ve never been more comfortable in my own skin than I am right now. And that had to come from inside! Something had to change inside me. Is it easy? Definitely not! But it’s so worth it. Every time I look at myself in a negative way, I picture my daughters looking at themselves in that same way and that stops those thoughts right there! I want my girls to have a positive image of themselves at all times. 

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” 

Be Beautiful πŸ’‹



 PS: my bother wanted to take a pic with me πŸ˜„

Skinny jeans: Dunns Clothing 

Tank: PnP clothing 

Top: Exact Clothing 

Earrings: MrP

Flats: Makro 

Sunnies: Fashion World 


Work-Wear Wednesday

I’ve been asked to do some plus size work wear outfits and I’ve happily obliged!
My next few posts will be centered around plus size work wear and I’m actually excited to showcase them. 

Today I’m wearing a maxi skirt teamed with a blazer and simple tank and flats. It’s not too businessy but still cute for the office. 

PS: I’m not asleep just in case your wondering hahaha – it’s the glare from the sun! 

Tank, maxi, blazer, scarf: MrP

Earrings: Truworths 

Flats: PEP Stores 
Stay beautiful ❀️

Lady in Red❀️

The winter chill is slowly becoming more prominent and I thought it’s an opportune  time to pull out my trench coat. 

I do love a good trench, it’s a winter must-have! And this red one is no exception. The colour and the collar just do it for me. It gives the coat that extra oomph! And, there’s no need to accessorize too much because of the collar detail.

It’s ideal for work or play, depending on what you pair it with. 

I’ll do a 3 way with this coat soon so keep an eye  out! 

“Dressing well is a form of good manners” Tom Ford  



Trench: Always New

Top: Truworths 

Leggings: PnP Clothing 

Pumps: PEP Stores 

Earrings: MrP

Sunnies: China Town