Sunday Fun Day!

Well actually, we had a VERY relaxing day at home today, but that’s fun, for me atleast! 

I’m wearing a simple maxi dress and a nautical hat, because my hair’s a mess! 

I also wore my fave pointy, color block pumps for a pop of colour and big earrings! 

Simple yet fun! 

Maxi dress: Mastik Couture 

Hat, shoes & bangle: MrP

Earrings: Truworths 


2 thoughts on “Sunday Fun Day!

  1. Hi There, I love you maxi dress… Please can you tell me where you got it from? I always look forward to your posting… You are amazingly awesome.

    Please keep doing what you do.
    Warm regards,



    1. Hi Eleanor. I’m so happy that you enjoy the posts. I really appreciate your feedback. I got this maxi from a friend of mine who sells Mastik Couture. I’ll be happy to give you her no. If you’re interested 😊


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