Sunday Fun Day!

Well actually, we had a VERY relaxing day at home today, but that’s fun, for me atleast! 

I’m wearing a simple maxi dress and a nautical hat, because my hair’s a mess! 

I also wore my fave pointy, color block pumps for a pop of colour and big earrings! 

Simple yet fun! 

Maxi dress: Mastik Couture 

Hat, shoes & bangle: MrP

Earrings: Truworths 


Pregnant or not!

I enjoy perusing the maternity sections at clothing retailers, especially since I’m a bigger girl, and sometimes I find really cute items. Like this winter baby doll dress! 

I’ve had this for a few winters now but it never gets old. I love the neckline and the asymmetrical flow of this baby doll dress. 

I often pair it with a Chelsea boot  or a wedge, like today, or knee high riding boots and a denim jacket just to funk it out a bit. 

PS: I stole my daughter’s sunnies ( hides face)! 

Boots & earrings: MrP

Dress: Truworths 

Sunnies: Truworths Kids 

Bag: Executive Luggage 


Floral and Coral!!!!

The sun is shining & the weather is sweet! I’m even wearing spring in autumn! 

Today I’m wearing one of my “bargain-buys”, my floral leggings! I’ve mentioned before that I can be frugal at times and it isn’t beneath me to purchase clothing at stores many people wouldn’t even go into! 

If I like something, I buy it! Whether it’s Steve Madden or PEP stores. You just have to know how to wear it. 

I couldn’t decide between the flats or wedge heels, what do you think? 

Floral leggings: PEP stores

Tank,blazer & flats: MrP

Wedge heels: Truworths 

You make me happy when skies are grey!

I didn’t feel like dressing up today, the skies are grey and the weather’s just altogether aaaaarggggh! So, in lieu of the weather, this outfit is my, I-feel-like-pj’s-today outfit! 

After getting dressed, my husband looked at me and said, “you look good, just like every other day.” He always finds a way to make me smile! Even when skies are grey. He reminds me daily how special I am and I am so grateful to God for blessing me with him. He’s loved me through thick & thin (literally)! 

Even if you don’t have a spouse or significant other telling you this, you should always know how special you are. You were created for a purpose. Live like it!!!!

Top & boots – MrP

Track pants – Truworths 

Beanie – Ackermans  

Black on Black on Black!

Sweaters are a staple for the winter season. And, who says you can’t wear them to work!?!? 

I’ve paired this foil print (remember my obsession for all things shiny?) with a simple black pencil skirt and black heels. A sleek hairdo, statement lips and minimal jewelry and it’s a cute outfit for a day at the office! 

To my big girls: don’t be shy to show some leg, just remember to keep it classy! 

Sweater: MrP Skirt: Truworths Heels: Ackermans Clutch: BidorBuy 



Boy/Girl 🚻

My outfits always reflect my mood! Today I’m in-between. My bottom half is tomboyish and my top half is girly-girl. 

It’s a good combination though, a balancing act of sorts LOL!!!!

PS: big girls can rock bold colours too! 

Have a beautiful weekend y’all (mwah)!



Jersey& earrings: MrP. Pants: PnP Clothing. Shoes: Rage. Headband: China Mall 

I’ve imprinted on prints! 

Can you tell I love prints? 

Confession: I used to be VERY afraid to wear them, you know, big girls shouldn’t wear this or that, BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! Then, one day I through caution to the wind & bought these leggings & I’ve loved prints ever since!

Big girls really can rock just about anything! Don’t ever disregard a particular style because you think you don’t have the right shape for it, just try it, you might be pleasantly surprised. 



Tank, leggings, blazer, bangle: MrP. Shoes: Makro. Sunglasses: China Mall  

Crop my TOP! 

To every plus size/ chubby/ fluffy/ big/ round/ fat/ phat girl out there, how many times have you heard that WE can’t wear a particular style? How many times have you seen plus size girls wearing oversized clothing to hide their bumps and rolls? 

Well, that used to be me, until I grew up, about 2yrs ago! Yep, it took me 22yrs to learn to love myself! And now? I’m like, “whatevs, I can do anything I wana do, just watch me!”

So this is my DIY crop-my-top look!  Because…it’s fatshionating! 

PS: rules are meant to be broken!

PSS: Try it!!!!



Top: Truworths. Skirt: Truworths. Cardi: P&P clothing. Flats: Makro 

Dress a kimono with no #fomo!

Kimono’s are trending at the moment and they’re very cute and versatile. I got this one from MrP. Paired with wet look leggings and a wedge or a cute shorts and flats and Bob’s  your uncle! They come in lots of different colours and prints as well. 

PS: say hello to my son, the photo bomber! 

Kimono: MrP. Wet look leggings: MrP. White tank: MrP. Wedge heels: Truworths. 



QT with my cuties ❤️

Myself & my family have a chill date with one of my many beautiful nieces today. 

We’re planning on lunch first, then we’re heading to the shooting range for some adrenalin. 

My OOTD is a black hi low top made by another beautiful niece of mine (I have many LOL) and plain black tights from P&P. My shoes are MrP, and I absolutely adore them. They’re pointy, strappy and colourful, perfect flats for a chilled Sunday.